Lakes 4x4 with kayak Ushuaia Safari

The best of the safari 4×4 with a kayak rowing through the Lake Escondido.


Um dia para nunca ser esquecido!

In our Lakes 4×4 with kayak Ushuaia Safari ride, before we even leave the city, a bit of history and an amazing view announce what a beautiful day lies ahead of us. The Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos and the Carbajal Valley are only the beginning of a way that will surprise in every turn. We’ll drive to Paso Garibaldi, where we’ll stop to appreciate the panoramic views of the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano. Then we’ll ride down the hill towards Lake Escondido, where we’ll properly suit up for our kayak cross! But there is more! We’ll go on afterwards with our 4×4 adventure cutting through the natural landscapes until we reach the shore of the Lake Fagnano. Memorable!


Dont’t worry! Tell us where you are in Ushuaia and we’ll pick you up.


Everyday during the summer season in Patagonia.


From 9 am to 5 pm.


This ride is for any age and public.


Low! It’s important to have in mind that you are going to be paired up on the kayak, so there will be at least one stronger person do handle it.


Lunch with a delicious chorizo steak with vegetables and wine. Hot beverages are also included in every stop.

Special treat

the ride combines the adrenaline of the 4×4 jeeps with the kayaks. It’s Ushuaia as you’ve never imagined!


3500 Argentinan pesos per person (its actual value on other currency on the day of the ride may change according to monetary variations).

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